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The Magic of Music

In my life, few things are as comforting as a beautiful song. Growing up I had an exposure to lots of musicians and singers, I was in choir, and sang in various bands for as long as my band mates could tolerate me. I could be (and still can) what most people describe as “aContinue reading “The Magic of Music”

The Importance Of Routine

One of the top 5 most useful things to know about yourself, as either someone with autism or an INTJ personality type, is that you will thrive on a schedule or routine. Developing a healthy routine for your daily life is of prime importance for a healthy mind and success. Things as simple as havingContinue reading “The Importance Of Routine”

On Communication

One of the biggest issues I and my family have dealt with throughout my life is anger. Anger at others, at circumstance, and most often at myself. After 30 years, I have found that most of my anger comes from having massive differences in experience and expectation and an inability to communicate. Whether as anContinue reading “On Communication”